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Political science is a social science that relate to the theory and practice of politics. It involves describing and analyzing the political systems and political behavior prevailing in a society or a country as a whole. Political scientists study all the characteristics of public policies and political systems established in international and home country

Political scientists should have an unyielding comprehension of mathematics, statistics, quantitative research methods, and necessary computer skills to augment the latest research technology. Written and verbal communication skills are naturally imperative to facilitate interaction in communicating the outcome of researches to others. The nature of the job for political science professionals necessitate that they have a talent to examine and interpret complex information along with exceptional critical thinking skills.

An accredited degree can lead to a many different fields from law or business to journalism and government offices. They anticipate social, political and economical trends and conduct researches on a variety of subjects, such as relations between the U.S and other nations, different national and international organizations that influence politics in the world, the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. Often political scientists work in collaboration with economists to asses and evaluate the effects of changes in legislation or public policy in the framework of international political economy.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ forecast a 22 percent employment growth in this field with best opportunities for individuals that at least have a master’s or doctorate credentials. 

Top Online Political Science Degree Programs
Liberty University

With more than 300 online and residential areas of study, Liberty offers programs from the certificate to doctoral level.

   MA Public Policy: International Affairs
   MA Public Policy: Campaigns and Elections
   MA Public Policy: Public Administration
   MA Public Policy: Middle East Affairs
Florida Tech University Online

Earn Your Degree from U.S. News & World Report-Ranked Florida Tech – 100% Online.  

   Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts
Norwich University - Online

Earn your Master's degree online from Norwich University.

   Master of Arts in Diplomacy
USC School of Social Work

The MSW@USC is the first top-ranked MSW program offered nationally. Many online programs are limited to certain geographic areas or the availability of courses, making it necessary to travel to campus. Our program can be completed from virtually anywhere without the need to relocate to Southern California.


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